elephant by dasha london

Dasha  Stroffekova, founder of the label By Dasha London was born and raised in rural Slovakia.She decided to pursue her dream of becoming a children’s fashion designer and completed a prestigious course at Kensington and Chelsea Fashion College. She subsequently received a Development Award from The Prince’s Trust which enabled her to get her business started.
Sales at the beginning were mainly in markets around London but her clothes proved so popular that she spread her net wider and called upon a childhood friend Alena, who owns a manufacturing business in Slovakia to help with production.
Dasha was aware of the unused talents of many older women in her village and enlisted many of them to hand crochet the motifs which are then hand sewn onto the garments. For most, this employment has been a lifeline and has averted loneliness, boredom and helped them to regain confidence.

Dasha is at the cutting edge of what is fashionable and sources material from all over Europe. Her love of Liberty prints is evident in many of her high end designs. From her small workshop in Chelsea she is able to experiment and put finishing touches on the garments, all of which have the label : Made with love By Dasha London

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